Roku Channel Setup

Original price was: $6,500.00.Current price is: $5,000.00.


We will setup and create your (No pornography, or illegal content) public Roku Channel.

For a monthly fee we will manage your channel and

add additional videos.

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We will need Admin access to the following:

WordPress Website

Roku Developer Account

Roku Account

Cloud Service (Google, Amazon, or Other)

Videos (.mp4, .mov, we will convert other files)

We need category of each video (Action, Adventure, Film, Music genre etc.)

We need a description for each video.

Google Adsense ( If you want channel monetized)

Google Ad ( If you want channel monetized)

We will need the name of your channel

We need your channel bio.

We will need photos and logos for your Roku Channel


Our goal is to build you a Roku Direct Publisher channel like:


To help us create your channel we need you to give us as much details as

possible as indicated above. Once we obtain all the information then we

will start to build your channel.

The length of process depends on how many videos you intend to have on your channel.

(Estimated Time 2-4 weeks) Time can be extended for Roku to approve your channel.

We will create thumbnails for each video.

We will create the feeds needed for your channel.